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Are You A Fan Of Vape?

For many people, electronic cigarettes are a tool to stop smoking or replace cigarettes. However, many people have become "lovers" from "users". For them, the electronic cigarette is not only a tool, but also a hobby, a culture and a way of life. Some people prefer the taste of electronic cigarettes. For them, tasting electronic cigarettes is just like tasting red wine and coffee.

In addition to taste, there are many people who like mods. Cara is one of them. Cara's mods can circle the earth. He chatted with me again yesterday about one of his favorite mods. It's called Eleaf iKuun i80 vape mod. It's a 3000mAh built-in battery. It has six colors to choose. The Eleaf iKuun i80 vape mod has switchable VW/Bypass/TC (Ni, Ti, SS, TCR-M1, M2, M3) modes, and you can switch your favorite mods. What Cara loves most is that it supports 2A fast charging, so he doesn't have to worry about charging when he's vaping. Now, I want to buy one, too.

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