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Great Improvement On The New Wismec RX300

As we all know , the Wismec Reuleaux RX Series is a famouce and fashionable in vaping world,Since the RX200, RX75, RX2/3 and RXmini , wismec released the new RX300W Box Mod , So ,what does this mod improved ?

It still does temperature control like the original, and now has a preheat function, upgradeable firmware and custom logos. Another new feature is the ability to use the RX300 as a power bank. I am glad to see Wismec bringing back one of my favorite features from the good old Innokin MVP's.
Another great improvement on the new Realeaux RX300 is now a spring-loaded 510 pin. This is music to the ears of the many vapers that were having issues with RX200's 510 pin in the past.

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