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JOYTECH ZhuoErYue releases eGo AIO mini electronic cigarettes

JOYTECH ZhuoErYue releases eGo AIO (All In) kit mini electronic cigarettes, battery capacity is 1500 mah, atomizer capacity of 2 ml, adopted the spill prevention, atomizer and host integration design.
Eu law electronic cigarette smoke oil capacity of atomizer must not exceed 2 ml, so recently listed a lot of atomizer are used the design of small capacity, including MINI SM V3 atomizer, etc. Released the JOYTECH eGo AIO estimation is to accord with the standards of the European Union, atomizer has a capacity of 2 ml. Fortunately, the top part of the atomizer is the design of the gas, convenient way of refueling can make up for the deficiency of the atomizer smoke oil capacity is small.
EGo AIO continues the colorful design, there are a variety of colors such as black, white, silver
JOYTECH choose released on March 8th, this product is believed to be mainly aimed at female users, and short and simple design of the user, suit the design of the gas can be used, 1500 mah power general use frequency is basic for one working day.
eVic-VT For portal users and women, should be a good choice.

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