Great Improvement On The New Wismec RX300

As we all know , the Wismec Reuleaux RX Series is a famouce and fashionable in vaping world,Since the RX200, RX75, RX2/3 and RXmini , wismec released the new RX300W Box Mod , So ,what does this mod improved ?

It still does temperature control like the original, and now has a preheat function, upgradeable firmware and custom logos. Another new feature is the ability to use the RX300 as a power bank. I am glad to see Wismec bringing back one of my favorite features from the good old Innokin MVP's.

Another great improvement on the new Realeaux RX300 is now a spring-loaded 510 pin. This is music to the ears of the many vapers that were having issues with RX200's 510 pin in the past.

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We Called RX200 One Of The Best Mod On the Planet

We called Wismec RX200 one of the best box-mods on the planet.It has looks, power, features and built in capabilities that allow its user to fully customise their vaping experience. It also features support for every conceivable type of tank on the market — standard, RDA and RBA.

Don't Like Buying Coils All The Time,Buy Juppi Tank !

Kanger's Juppi Tank is perfect for vapers who don't like buying coils all the time; this tank has a re-wickable coil, so the coil will last longer than normal.

Electronic cigarette is more like a hobby

For many people, the electronic cigarette is much more than one way to quit smoking, or as many people fear is the path to smoking.
Electronic cigarette is more like a hobby, they are more interested in taste and figure in a wide range of electronic cigarettes.
Skilled electronic cigarette players can change their spit out by operating equipment of the size and shape of the cloud of steam. It even seen by some as a sport, a New York electronic cigarette store Vaporium has electronic smoke spray contests.
electronic cigarette

The Battery System Of Kanger Juppi

A Kanger Juppi Mod comes without a battery, so you need to buy a pair of IMR 18650 cells. Keep one in a cupboard where it is dark and cool, always charged for the end of the other cell’s working day.

You can take batteries out, but the other way to recharge if you have time during the day is to plug a cord between the USB port on Kanger’s Juppi and a USB charging device.

The access cover to your battery is held on by magnets and holes are poked through it to let air out. If I were to change anything about the Juppi, holes would be located on the very bottom as well or at the very top since they are exactly where a hand will cover them.

Download V1.02 Firmware For iStick Pico Mod

Dear Eleaf iStick Pico Fans ,Eleaf Company just released a new firmware V1.02 for our iStick Pico Box Mod,Do you know that good news ??

This version of firmware is updated with a boot/shutdown animation, a more simplified TC interface and an intuitive progress bar of vaping time.

Link to download :

About The Kanger Kbox 160W Box Mod

The Kanger Kbox 160W Box Mod is constructed from zinc alloy and features an amazing chrome color with a polished finish. With dimensions of only 84mm x 56mm x 22mm, it is said to be the most compact in its power class. On the control face, there's an LED screen that features the same menu as other Kbox mods with information for battery level, current resistance, current voltage and current wattage or temperature. The atomizer connection bezel features a 510 threaded/spring loaded connection, so it will be compatible with many tanks or builds.

Compact 160 watts high power starter kit from Kanger!

Do you know the distinctive high power starter kit from Kanger? That is Kanger Dripbox 160W starter kit! Unlike other starter kits with direct output, this one is still equipped with temperature control system, allowing you to enjoy various vaping experience. Still on this starter kit, you can enjoy 160W high power output.

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This upgraded version of Evod Pro starter kit from Kanger for you!

This new Evod Pro series starter kit from Kanger, Evod Pro 2 Starter Kit is now available on official authorized online store With similar appearance, this kit is powered by a single 18650 battery. 4ml eliquid capacity you can enjoy on this portable ecigarette kit and considering the adaptability, this kit is compatible with CLOCC atomizer heads. Experience more functionality on this fantastic kit by Kanger? Get a premium stuff on the above website!

The Most Noticeable Upgrade On Wismec RX200S

The most noticeable upgrade on the Wismec Reuleaux RX200S Compare with Reuleax RX200 is the new , brighter 0.96”OLED screen that makes viewing settings a breeze. With this screen, its also easier to upgrade your firmware and also change your battery indicator from an image to a percentage, which makes monitoring your battery a lot more precise and easier.

Vicino Is Newest Kit Bought To By Wismec

Vicino is newest Kit brought to by Wismec. And the battery is an important part of the kit. the Vicino battery is simple fashionable for vapers even for starters to use and enjoy as it comes in a slim and tall design. Vicino battery houses a single 18650 battery which is replaceable with dual circuit protection,making it very safe to use as your daily vaping device power source. There's simply nothing to worry about! The battery display feature will remind you the battery level by flashing slowly or frequently and you can decide when to replace the battery.

Find Detail Information At

News ! Eleaf iPower TC80W Luanching !

Here is a good news for all Eleaf Fans, Another new product- Eleaf iPower TC80W Coming into the market, from the good quality and beautiful look,I'm sure it will getting very popular !

Size: 49.5mm(L)*23.5mm(W)*83.5mm(H)
Thread type: 510 thread
Output mode: VW/Bypass/Smart/TC(Ni,Ti,SS,TCR-M1,M2,M3) mode
Output wattage: 1-80W
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm (TC modes)
0.1-3.5ohm (VW/Bypass/Smart mode)
Temperature range: 100-315℃/200-600℉ (TC modes)
Color: brushed silver, white, grey, bronze, wood grain

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Good News! Firmware V1.01 For iStick Pico Luanching !

Good news ! You can update your iStick Pico 75W TC from V1.00 to V1.01

New Firmware V1.01 features a simpler interface for VW mode, a Smart mode for easy operation and a custom logo for fun.

How About Avatar ICR 18650 Battery ?

After Sony VTC4 ,Avatar ICR 18650 Battery Coming into people's field of vision, How About this 18650 Battery ?

Avatar ICR 18650 Battery, a high performance rechargeable lithium battery, made for high discharge current (max.30A) applications, enough to run any high drain device. Application: Electronic Cigarette, LED flashlight, medical machinery, wirelesss communication, camera, notebook and other digital products, many electronic products etc

What I Love Most About The iStick Pico ?

What I love most about the Eleaf iStick Pico is that it is incredible tiny, making it
a perfect pairing with all the awesome, small tanks that have been coming out as oflate. I am really liking the way the iStick line is coming along. Additionally, the Pico sports a plethora of temperature control modes to allow you to vape any way you want.

Wismec Centurion mod VS iStick Pico Mod

iStick Pico crams It's features and performance into a micro-package that's half the size and weight of the Wismec Centurion.

Despite their differences in heft and bulk, I'd wager a guess that the two mods employ the same internal chip. The display screens are identical, as are the button-press sequences to adjust the various functions of wattage, temperature limit, and three customizable TCR values (Temperature Coefficient Resistance, called M1, M2, and M3 on both chips). Even reversing the display screen from left to right is accomplished the same way, by turning off the mod, then holding down the + and – buttons simultaneously. The chip has upgradeable firmware via the micro USB port, and a USB cable is included.

What A Pleasant Surprise To Upgrade My RX200

I just stumbled across and installed firmware version 3.10. Wismec claims the RX200 will now do 250W. Is it Real ?

Just dialed 'er right on up to 250 in Wattage mode as well. I'm not vaping anything at remotely that power, but I really appreciate that Wismec, (Joyetech), continues to upgrade the firmware to enhance the mod's capabilities, and that it adjusts in 0.1W increments all the way up to 250. I had no idea this update was coming out, but what a pleasant surprise.

Here IS Some Information About Eleaf Pico !

Eleaf Pico 75W TC Box Mod follows one of the latest trends in vaping — making devices as small as possible .The box mod is available on its own or as a kit with the Eleaf Melo 3 Mini tank at Eleaf Official authorized online store .For now, here's some information about the Eleaf iStick Pico .

iStick Pico, just as its name implies, is preferable, innovative, compact and outstanding. Its compact and tiny size makes it much more convenient for usage and portability. With the support of single interchangeable 18650 cell, it still can fire up to 75W and provides you variable vaping experience under the switchable VW/Bypass/TC-Ti/TC-Ni/TCR modes.

Buy Link :

The characteristics of the evic vt

1.The Variable Temperature (VT) brings out a different flavor experience with the change of temperature settings
2.Nickel 200 (Ni,Made in USA) and Titanium (Ti) wires, applied with eGo ONE Mega atomizer, greatly enhance the performance of eVic-VT.
3.The Variable Temperature (VT) system provides an almost perfect vaping experience with various e-juice through temperature control system,and at the same time, it decreases e-juice consumptio.
4.Also, it is economical in battery consumption. When vaping, the wattage will reach to maximum in no time and the device can easily sustain in high temperature but with much lower wattage.
5.eVic-VT can record your vapor Time and Puff automatically. In Time or Puff mode (flashing), long press the fire button to eliminate records of each.Joytech evic vt full kit

JOYTECH ZhuoErYue releases eGo AIO mini electronic cigarettes

JOYTECH ZhuoErYue releases eGo AIO (All In) kit mini electronic cigarettes, battery capacity is 1500 mah, atomizer capacity of 2 ml, adopted the spill prevention, atomizer and host integration design.
Eu law electronic cigarette smoke oil capacity of atomizer must not exceed 2 ml, so recently listed a lot of atomizer are used the design of small capacity, including MINI SM V3 atomizer, etc. Released the JOYTECH eGo AIO estimation is to accord with the standards of the European Union, atomizer has a capacity of 2 ml. Fortunately, the top part of the atomizer is the design of the gas, convenient way of refueling can make up for the deficiency of the atomizer smoke oil capacity is small.
EGo AIO continues the colorful design, there are a variety of colors such as black, white, silver
JOYTECH choose released on March 8th, this product is believed to be mainly aimed at female users, and short and simple design of the user, suit the design of the gas can be used, 1500 mah power general use frequency is basic for one working day.
eVic-VT For portal users and women, should be a good choice.

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