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Frying oil atomizing core problem solutions

Frying oil atomizing core problem seems complicated, actually solving method is very simple.
Cotton coarse some good, then there would be no scratching frying oil phenomenon, atomizing core into a whirring sound at work, no heat to my fly out.
You can try.
 Or you can try Joyetech eVic-VT Kit:
Product Parameters:
Size: 47*25.5*85.6mm
Capacity: 5000mAh
Output mode: VT-Ti/VT-Ni/VW Mode
Temperature Range: 100-315℃/200-600°F
Output Wattage: 1W-60W
Resistance Range: 0.2ohm for CL-Ni head
0.4ohm for CL-Ti head

Color: Racing Yellow, Cool Black, Dazzling White

eVic-VT Visual Display:
VT-Ti mode/VT-Ni mode/VW
Wattages/ Voltages
Atomizer Resistance
Battery power/Puff/Time

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