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Some life habits is not conducive to weight loss

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Using vacuum cup to make tea
Tea contains a large number of tannic acid, tea sesame oil and a variety of vitamins, brewing tea with around 80 degrees water to is appropriate, if you use vacuum cup to brew tea, the hot water in the cup can destroy the vitamins of tea and the harmful materials will be increased which affect the digestive ability and lead to fat.
Eating too fast
A lot of office worker always have lunch in a hurry. And then the food is not fully chewed, which is unfavorable for preliminary digestion of food and saliva amylase in the mouth, this increase the burden of intestines and stomach. If the chewing time is too short, it will be easy for you to eat a lot.
For the foregoing parts, people should form good dieting habits to avoid weight gaining, in addition, the Fruta Planta can help you prevent obesity, because this product can help you suppress the appetite, it also can increase the metabolism of the body and decrease the fat accumulation, it is free from side effects.
Skipping the breakfast results in depression easily, and you eat more at lunch, then the weight will be gained unconsciously.

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