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Eat elaichi or cardamom after meals to prevent acidity

Untimely and unhealthy eating habits are on rise. And these are the main causes that lead to acidity and gas troubles taking a toll on your stomach. If case you suffer from similar stomach complication here is a simple yet effective natural remedy to prevent and also relieve acidity. Read about 10 home remedies for acidity that really work!
Cardamom, known as elaichi in India adds a sweet taste and flavour to the dishes along with rendering many health benefits. This natural mouth freshener contains essential oils that stimulate the salivary glands to release enzymes which act on the intestinal lining.
In this way, cardamom not only reduces the amount of acidity in your stomach but also increases your appetite. It is found to impart a cooling flavour that alleviates the burning sensation caused due to acidity. The best way to prevent and get relief from acidity is to chew a pod of elaichi after your meals as it improves your digestion and also prevents bad breath.

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